chapter 8 CCNA routing and switching 2013 /2014. V5.0

 chapter 8 routing & switching V5.0

What is indicated by a successful ping to the ::1 IPv6 address?
  • IP is properly installed on the host

Which two ICMP messages are used by both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols? (Choose two.)​
  • route redirection
  • protocol unreachable

What are three parts of an IPv6 global unicast address? (Choose three.)
  • 1. a subnet ID that is used to identify networks inside of the local enterprise site
  • 2. an interface ID that is used to identify the local host on the network
  • 3. a global routing prefix that is used to identify the network portion of the address that has been provided by an ISP

When an IPv6 enabled host needs to discover the MAC address of an intended IPv6 destination, which destination address is used by the source host in the NS message?
  • solicited-node multicast address

Which two statements are correct about IPv4 and IPv6 addresses? (Choose two.)
  • IPv4 addresses are 32 bits in length.
  • IPv6 addresses are represented by hexadecimal numbers.

A DHCP server is used to assign IP addresses dynamically to the hosts on a network. The address pool is configured with There are 3 printers on this network that need to use reserved static IP addresses from the pool. How many IP addresses in the pool are left to be assigned to other hosts?
  • 251

Which two things can be determined by using the ping command? (Choose two.)
  • whether or not the destination device is reachable through the network
  • the average time it takes a packet to reach the destination and for the response to return to the source

The decimal equivalent of the binary number 10010101 is
  • 149

Match each IPv4 address to the appropriate address category
Host Address
Network Address
Broadcast Address

How many bits are in an IPv4 address?
  • 32

An IPv6 enabled device sends a data packet with the destination address of FF02::1. What is the target of this packet?
  • all IPv6 enabled nodes on the local link

Fill in the blank.
What is the decimal equivalent of the hex number 0x3F?
  • 63

Which network migration technique encapsulates IPv6 packets inside IPv4 packets to carry them over IPv4 network infrastructures?
  • tunneling

What are two types of IPv6 unicast addresses? (Choose two.)
  • loopback
  • link-local

What two statements describe characteristics of Layer 3 broadcasts? (Choose two.)
  • Routers create broadcast domains
  • A limited broadcast packet has a destination IP address of

When will a router drop a traceroute packet?
  • when the value in the TTL field reaches zero

Match each description with an appropriate IP address
  • a legacy class A address
  • a legacy class B address
  • a legacy class C address
  • a legacy class D address
  • an invalid IPv4 address

When a Cisco router is being moved from an IPv4 network to a complete IPv6 environment, which series of commands would correctly enable IPv6 forwarding and interface addressing?
Router# configure terminal
Router(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0
Router(config-if)# ipv6 address 2001:db8:bced:1::9/64
Router(config-if)# no shutdown
Router(config-if)# exit
Router(config)# ipv6 unicast-routing

Which two parts are components of an IPv4 address? (Choose two.)
  • network portion and host portion

Which IPv6 address is most compressed for the full FE80:0:0:0:2AA:FF:FE9A:4CA3 address?​
  • FE80::2AA:FF:FE9A:4CA3

Which message is displayed on the web server?
  • Correct configuration!

Match each description with an appropriate IP address
  • a link local
  • a TEST
  • an experimental
  • a private
  • a loopback

A message is sent to all hosts on a remote network. Which type of message is it?
  • directed broadcast

What is the prefix length notation for the subnet mask
  • /27